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Queniborough Neighbourhood Plan

At its February meeting the Parish Council had a report of the two drop-in sessions to consider the possibility of a Neighbourhood Plan for Queniborough. Given the attendance at the sessions, the range of comments supporting the need for a plan and the issues raised about the future of the village, the Council agreed to support a plan for the village and that Queniborough should be registered with the planning department at Charnwood as a Neighbourhood Plan area. This has now been done and Queniborough is registered as a designated Neighbourhood Plan area and a Steering Group for developing the plan is being formed.

Anyone interested in helping with the development of the plan or would like more information about it please contact Kate Hill (katehill134@btinternet.com or tel: 0116 2608926)

Queniborough Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

The Queniborough Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has twelve members.

Chair: Pam Jones
Vice-Chair: Liz Ellis
Secretary: Kate Hill
Treasurer: Mike Duxbury

The other members are: Mike Bunn, Dick Hurwood, Dinah Hurwood, Mike Jones, Ben King, Phil Laughton, Paresh Patel/Carol Shaw, John Weston

The Steering Group has a constitution, approved by the Parish Council, and a Code of Conduct and a Complaints Procedure.

The Parish Council is the authorised body for neighbourhood planning in Queniborough and monthly reports are given to the Parish Council.

There will be reports in The Queniborough Gazette of progress on the Neighbourhood Plan and how you can be involved and have your say on how the plan develops.

Steering Group Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of each Steering Group Meeting are approved at the following meeting and will then be published here.

Queniborough Gazette Reports

One of the most important jobs the Steering Group has to do is to keep all the residents of Queniborough informed of progress of the Neighbourhood Plan and how they can be involved and ensure their views are taken in to account. Regular updates will appear in the Queniborough Gazette and copies can be found here.