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150 Houses for Barkby Road - time to comment as planning application is made

Posted: Thu, 22 Feb 2018 15:14 by Phil Laughton

The planning application number has changed so you will need to resubmit your previous comments.

The planning application for 150 houses at Barkby Road has been registered at Charnwood Borough Council. The planning application number is P/18/0309/2 and you should find a link to it from our planning page or from Charnwood Borough Council's:


copy and paste the above link and then put in your web browser and then put in the application number in the search box on that page.

If you have commented to Charnwood or Councillors or MP before it is important that you send in your comments again now so they become part of the planning application consultation process. This actual application has a new number and so it is possible that any comments you made earlier on P/17/2252/2 may not be carried forward. You need to resubmit them. The deadline for comments is 15th March but the Council is asking for this to be extended by a week to the 22nd March.

A copy of the leaflet that went to every house in Queniborough is available below to help you comment.

For further information contact the Parish Council

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