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150 Houses for Barkby Road Refused - Planning Committee 31st May

The planning application for 150 houses on Barkby Road went to Charnwood BC's Planning Committee on Thursday, 31st May. The Planning Officers recommended that the Committee refuse planning permission.

The Committee refused the planning application by 9 votes to 2. The applicants have the right to appeal against this decision if they choose. Any appeal would be heard by the Planning Inspectorate based in Bristol.

Fri, 25 May 2018 09:13 by Phil Laughton

220 Houses for Melton Road Road - time to comment as planning application is made

The planning application for 220 houses at Melton Road has been registered at Charnwood Borough Council. The planning application number is P/18/0611/2 and you should find a link to it from our planning page or from Charnwood Borough Council's:


copy and paste the above link and then put in your web browser and then put in the application number in the search box on that page. More »

The deadline for comments is 9th May.

For further information contact the Parish Council » Less

Thu, 19 Apr 2018 15:14 by Phil Laughton

More housing for Queniborough – having your views known

Parts of the village have now received a leaflet from Hallam Homes as part of their consultation on a proposed development of up to 250 homes on the Melton Road around and behind Three-ways farm. A leaflet has also been distributed by David Wilson Homes for a proposed 150 houses opposite the new development on Barkby Road. There are also still plans to go forward for 125 dwellings for the land behind Queniborough Lodge. More »

By now many residents will have sent in comments on these proposed developments either to the developers or Charnwood Planning department or both. The Parish Council is grateful to every resident who has made their views known in this way. These consultations are the beginning of the process, as an actual application for these developments has not yet been made. The crucial time to make your views know is when the developers put in the actual planning application. When this happens the Parish Council and residents only have three weeks to comment, so if you want to make your views known please do let me have your contact details (email address preferably) so I can let you know when the application goes in. The Parish Council is looking at the possibility of having an open morning at the Parish Office so Councillors can help you send in your comments to make sure your views are known. A leaflet will also be available advising on where to send comments and what will be taken into consideration by the planners when they decide the application.

The Parish Council is keeping our neighbouring Council's are Sytson, Barkby and East Goscote informed of these developments. The effects of such large developments in the area will also have considerable effects on them.

The Charnwood Local Plan states that Queniborough is only an 'other settlement' capable of sustaining small amounts of infill development. Charnwood Borough Council has not, at the moment, met its target for a five-year supply of houses so the developers argue that this policy is out-of-date. However, if these developments go through this will mean an additional 800 houses will have been built in a village that had 1,300 houses in 2011. Queniborough will have taken all the houses required in Charnwood's plan for all small villages in the borough and have met Charnwood's shortage of houses almost on its own.

The Parish Council are very aware that many residents feel that their views are not listened to but the Council does ask that you please do make your views known at the time the actual planning applications are made. » Less

Thu, 25 Jan 2018 15:19 by Phil Laughton