Queniborough Neighbourhood Plan

In February 2017 the Parish Council had a report of the two drop-in sessions to consider the possibility of a Neighbourhood Plan for Queniborough. Given the attendance at the sessions, the range of comments supporting the need for a plan and the issues raised about the future of the village, the Council agreed to support a plan for the village and that Queniborough should be registered with the planning department at Charnwood as a Neighbourhood Plan area.

Notice of pre-submission Consultation

A pre-submission consultation on the proposed Neighbourhood Plan for Queniborough Parish will take place for six weeks, starting from:

Monday 28th October through to Monday 9th December 2019
The consultation forms part of the statutory consultation in line with Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan is the result of consultation with the Community, and interest groups and detailed work by Queniborough Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group over the last 3 years.

The pre-submission consultation will enable Queniborough Parish Council's Steering Group to gather feedback from those who live, work or do business in the area, to comment on the plan. The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will also be consulting with a range of statutory bodies to add to the feedback.

The draft Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed here.

A paper copy of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan will also be available to view at Queniborough Parish Council Office, Rearsby Road, Queniborough, Leicester, LE 7 3DH at a series of drop-in sessions on:

Saturday 9th November 10am - 12 noon
Tuesday 12th November 7.30pm - 9pm
Tuesday 3rd December 1pm - 3pm

Comments on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan can be made using the Pre-Submission Comments Form available here:

Your Comments Forms must be either emailed to: clerk@queniboroughpc.org.uk or posted to Queniborough Pre-submission Consultation, Queniborough Parish Office, Rearsby Road, Queniborough, Leicester, LE7 3DH by Monday 9th December 2019.

This is the last chance to influence the plan before submission to Charnwood Borough Council, which will then publish the proposed Plan for a further six-week period of consultation. Any responses to that consultation will then be sent. together with the plan, to am Independent Examiner. The Examiner may then: pass the Plan, refuse the Plan or require amendments to the Plan. If passed, the final Plan will then return to the Parish for a Referendum. If a majority of those voting approve the plan, it will then become part of a framework within which planning applications will be considered.

Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire March/April 2019

Our planning consultants, the Rural Community Council, have produced our first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan. They identified the information gaps and the evidence that we need to obtain to have our best chance of the Neighbourhood Plan being approved and so the questionnaire was developed, building on our initial consultation in September 2017.

A copy was delivered to every house in the village with the Queniborough Gazette. A Youth Questionnaire for ages 11 - 18 was also availbale online, as was the household questionnaire.

Thank you to everyone who completed the questionnaire. They all go towards safeguarding Queniborough's future.

The consultation period has now ended and the results are being analysed. Once this completed then the results will appear here and a report will be given in the Queniborough Gazette.

Queniborough Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

The Queniborough Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has twelve members.

Chair: Pam Jones
Vice-Chair: Liz Ellis
Secretary: Kate Hill
Treasurer: Mike Duxbury

The other members are: Mike Jones, Susan Graham, Ben King, Phil Laughton, Paresh Patel/Carol Shaw, Neill Ransom, John Weston, Mike Wiseman

The Steering Group has a constitution, approved by the Parish Council, and a Code of Conduct and a Complaints Procedure.

The Parish Council is the authorised body for neighbourhood planning in Queniborough and monthly reports are given to the Parish Council.

There will be reports in The Queniborough Gazette of progress on the Neighbourhood Plan and how you can be involved and have your say on how the plan develops.

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation 30th September 2017

A consultation on the future of the Neighbourhood Plan for Queniborough took place at the Village Hall on 30th September 2017 from 3pm to 7pm.

The Main Issues that were raised at the consultation can be seen below. The Issues are in the priority order based on the number of comments made during the consultation and from written comments received.

Steering Group Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of each Steering Group Meeting are approved at the following meeting and will then be published here.

There was no Steering Group meeting in May 2018

There was no Steering Group meeting in July or August due to holidays and work being carried out in working groups.

There was no Steering Group meeting in October or November as work proceeded on the first draft plan.

The was no Steering Group Meeting in April 2019

Queniborough Gazette Reports

One of the most important jobs the Steering Group has to do is to keep all the residents of Queniborough informed of progress of the Neighbourhood Plan and how they can be involved and ensure their views are taken in to account. Regular updates will appear in the Queniborough Gazette and copies can be found here.