Melton Road Culvert

In January the Parish Council reported the Culvert blocked to LCC as water had started to back up onto Rearsby Road Playing Field following heavy rain. Despite repeated attempts to get this work scheduled Highways have informed the Council that clearing is now due to start at the end of July via an external contractor. LCC said there had been an increased demand nationally and HGV driver shortages,... Read More »

Posted: Thu, 21 Jul 2022 13:11 by Teresa Willson

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Volunteers to Monitor and Report Traffic Violations

With the recent influx of largescale housing applications in and around the village and the increasing volumes of traffic and types of heavy goods vehicles travelling through Queniborough (despite the current weight restriction of 7.5 tonnes), the Parish Council wish to encourage residents to report any traffic violations either as individuals or via the Parish Office. When contacting haulage companies... Read More »

Posted: Thu, 21 Jul 2022 13:07 by Teresa Willson

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Chairman’s Interview with Leicester Mercury

Councillor Stephen Wright gave an interview to the Leicester Mercury in order to give more exposure on the planning application for 150 houses off Barkby Road and the proposed changes to the crossroads at the heart of our village. In the article he stated that the planning authority had steamrollered one new housing development through and is set to do the same with a second which the Parish Council... Read More »

Posted: Thu, 21 Jul 2022 13:01 by Teresa Willson

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Parish Council Precept 2022-23

At the January meeting of the Parish Council, the precept for the forthcoming financial year was set.

The precept is the amount of money villagers pay in their council tax for the running of the Parish Council. The Council has agreed to an increase in the precept that is charged to Band D houses of £1.69 per household, making the total charge for the Parish Council £51.67. This pays for... Read More »

Posted: Thu, 21 Jul 2022 12:45 by Rachel Barlow-Skinner

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Accounts 2021-22

The Council's accounts for 2021-22 have been through internal audit and are approved by Council. They are now sent to the External Auditor for examination. The Accounts are available for inspection. Please see the link to the Finance page.

Posted: Thu, 21 Jul 2022 12:05 by Rachel Barlow-Skinner

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Charnwood Borough Council Notice of Review

Notice of Interim Review of Polling Districts, Polling Places and Polling Stations

Posted: Tue, 03 May 2022 10:32 by Rachel Barlow-Skinner

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Bloor Homes Public Consultation

Bloor Homes have begun their consultation period on plans for 125 houses at Queniborough Lodge off Melton Road, Queniborough. This area is allocated for up to 132 dwellings within the Queniborough Neighbourhood Plan. Bloor Homes will be posting leaflets and feedback forms through residents letter boxes in the next few days. Unfortunately not all residents from the village will be included in this mailout.... Read More »

Posted: Wed, 02 Mar 2022 17:11 by Rachel Barlow-Skinner

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Planning application - Land off Boonton Meadows Way

Charnwood Borough Council has agreed to defer this application until January 27th. following the Parish Council asking for time to seek legal opinion on the application and the way the Planning Authority has interpreted the influence of the Neighbourhood Plan on the application. The Parish Council believes the Planning Authority has not correctly given full weight to the Neighbourhood Plan and is seeking... Read More »

Posted: Wed, 22 Dec 2021 15:07 by Rachel Barlow-Skinner

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Extra Lane proposed for Crossroads - again!

Once again the Local Highways Authority is proposing to put an additional traffic lane on the Rearsby Road side of the Crossroads. This is to accommodate additional traffic should the planning application for 150 houses off Barkby Road be agreed. The Parish Council are opposing both the housing application and the additional traffic lane at the crossroads.

A copy of the Parish Council's objection and... Read More »

Posted: Wed, 20 Oct 2021 11:36 by Rachel Barlow-Skinner

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Council opposes Charnwood Local Plan

Queniborough Parish Council is opposing the Charnwood Local Plan as it will affect the village. The developments along the Melton Road will create even more traffic through the village and greater strains on the already stretched services in the area.

The full comments are available here.

Posted: Thu, 26 Aug 2021 10:27 by Rachel Barlow-Skinner

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