Trees on Rearsby Road - update from Clerk

A branch came down from an acacia tree on Rearsby Road on Tuesday night. When I went to inspect and take a picture in order to report this to Highways I fortuitously bumped into a man from Highways who had been undertaking a tree survey.

He informed me that the planning application P/22/0263/2 (TPO works related) which was granted at the beginning of June will now be withdrawn and he will re-submit to include the removal of a Chestnut tree which he found today has Honey Fungus and cannot be saved.

He also thinks that a contributing factor to the branch splitting and falling down on Tuesday from the acacia tree might be as a result of a fungus called Chicken of the Woods. He will include in his application that this tree is also pollarded in order to preserve its life.

Posted: Thu, 21 Jul 2022 13:38 by Teresa Willson

Tags: Trees