Planning Applications

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Mon, 13 Jul 2020

Variation of conditions 4 and 5 of application P/11/2473/2 regarding number of people recieving riding tuition & operating hours.

Queniborough Equestrian Centre South Croxton Road Queniborough Leicestershire LE7 3RW

Tue, 28 Jul 2020

Use of land for operation of a dog grooming business (Sui Generis use) including siting of a portacabin and provisionof hard standing.

Croxton Road, Stables South Croxton Road Queniborough Leicestershire LE7 3RU

Thu, 16 Jul 2020

x1 Sycamore: Prune back branches from roof of adjacent hall to give a clearance of 2m - 2.5m. Any bough agreed to be removed or shortened will be cut back to a suitable point such as the branch collar or suitably positioned secondary branch.

6 The Hall Queniborough Hall Drive Queniborough Leicestershire LE7 3DZ

Fri, 26 Jun 2020

T1: x1Willow -Pollard. T2: x3 Silver Birch - remove overhang from neighbours side.

61 Main Street Queniborough LE7 3DB

Tue, 03 Mar 2020

Erection of dwelling and associated access including provision of parking for existing dwellings

Land to the rear of 15 - 17 Mere Lane Queniborough Leicestershire LE7 3DE

Wed, 29 Jul 2020

Two storey extension to side/rear and single storey extension to rear of semi-detached dwelling.

77 The Ringway Queniborough Leicestershire LE7 3DN

Fri, 15 Jun 2018

Erection of single storey extension to front and side of dwelling.

54 Queniborough Road Queniborough Leicestershire LE7 3DG

Wed, 08 Jul 2020

First floor extension to create self-contained flat.

62 Queniborough Road Queniborough LE7 3DG

Fri, 24 Jul 2020

Erection of detached bungalow including parking provision and landscaping (Revised scheme following withdrawal of P/20/0348/2).

Land to rear of 10 Barkby Road Queniborough Leicestershire LE7 3FD

Fri, 05 Jun 2020

Two storey side extension including demolition of garage outbuilding.

10 Barkby Road Queniborough Leicestershire LE7 3FD

Thu, 16 Jul 2020

x10 trees (as indicated in the supporting schedule) - undertake works as described in the submitted schedule

Queniborough Road, Main Street and Thorpe Lane Barkby Leicestershire LE7 3QB

Fri, 29 May 2020

Erection of two and single storey extensions to both sides of dwelling with single storey extensions to front and rear (revised scheme - P/20/0076/2 refers)

8 Long Furrow East Goscote LE7 3ZL

Fri, 13 Dec 2019

Retention of brick boundary wall to front and side of dwelling.

1576 Melton Road Queniborough Leicestershire LE7 3FN

Wed, 22 Jul 2020

Erection of timber fence (max height 2.14 metres) to boundary of dwelling.

190 Long Furrow East Goscote LE7 3SU

Mon, 25 Feb 2019

Variation of condition 3 of planning permission P/14/0393/2 to amend the design and siting of cemetery building

Land off Millstone Lane, Queniborough, Leicestershire

Fri, 17 Jul 2020

Single storey side extension.

79 Tentercroft Avenue Syston Leicestershire LE7 2EZ

Thu, 23 Jul 2020

Discharge of condition 3 of application P/17/2265/2 regarding details of materials.

1745 Melton Road Rearsby LE7 4YR

Mon, 13 Jul 2020

Change of use of existing agricultural building to mixed use: therapy clinics (use class: D1) and offices (use class A2 & B1) including installation of windows and doors.

Hillcrest Farm South Croxton Road Queniborough Leicestershire LE7 3RX

Tue, 21 Jul 2020

First floor extension to front of dwelling and ground floor rear extension.

11 Hungarton Drive Syston Leicestershire LE7 2AU

Mon, 15 Jun 2020

Erection of two storey rear extension including first floor balcony (Listed Building Consent).

1756A Melton Road Rearsby LE7 4YR

Mon, 15 Jun 2020

Erection of two storey rear extension including first floor balcony.

1756A Melton Road Rearsby Leicestershire LE7 4YS

Mon, 24 Dec 2012

Conversion of Coach House to dwelling with internal and external alterations. (Listed Building Consent. Revised scheme - P/12/0736/2 refers)

The Old Hall 2 Mill Road Rearsby Leicestershire LE7 4YN

Wed, 26 Feb 2020

T1 Red Maple - Fell. T2 3 x2 Conifers - Fell.

8 Orton Close Rearsby LE7 4XZ

Thu, 30 Jul 2020

T1 - fell; T2 - reduce height; T3 - apple tree; reduce height slightly and prune to improve health; T4 - dead tree - fell; T5 - dead tree - fell; T6 - elm - shape and reduce height slightly; T8 - holly - fell; T9- apple tree - shape and reduce height by lopping of some higher branches.

32 Mill Road Rearsby Leicestershire LE7 4YN

Mon, 20 Jul 2020

Installation of removable flood barriers to front entrance & rear gate and installation of smart air bricks to replace existing on front & side elevations by the entrance.

32 Mill Road Rearsby Leicestershire LE7 4YN

Fri, 22 Jul 2011

Discharge of Conditions Nos. 6, 7 and 16 of P/09/0889/2 and Condition No.2 of P/09/0891/2

The Old Vicarage 2 Upper Church Street Syston Leicestershire LE7 1HR

Wed, 01 Jul 2020

Two storey side extension together with single storey front extension,

5 Cherry Drive Syston LE7 2PT

Mon, 18 May 2020

Single storey extension to side of existing dwelling and conversion of existing outbuilding to living accommodation.

44 Brookfield Street Syston LE7 2AD

Fri, 10 Jul 2020

Creation of 5 first floor self-contained flats above existing A3 restaurant including installation of windows to front and side elevations.

1183 Melton Road Syston Leicestershire LE7 2JT

Wed, 13 May 2020

Erection of detached single storey dwelling to rear of nursing home to provide staff accommodation, and associated landscaping and access works.

34-36 Station Road Rearsby LE7 4YY

Mon, 01 Jun 2020

Hybrid Planning Application consisting of: Full planning application for extensions to existing supermarket together with the creation of additional car parking and associated landscaping to include demolition of industrial works at 33 Albert Street; and Outline planning application with all matters reserved for the erection of 6x residential dwellings.

1169 Melton Road Syston LE7 2JT

Wed, 22 Jul 2020

G1 - Predominantly Oak - reduce southeast trees by 2-3m in spread where overhanging the garden of No 55 Station Rd only.

55 Station Road Rearsby LE7 4YY

Tue, 25 Feb 2020

T1 Willow Tree - Crown reduction & reduce overhanging branches

27 Main Street Barkby Leicestershire LE7 3QG

Wed, 22 Apr 2020

Revisions to convert three dwellings previously approved (P/16/0987/2 refers) to create five dwellings

61 Station Road Rearsby Leicestershire LE7 4YY

Fri, 03 Jul 2020

Partial demolition of existing convent refectory building in order to allow for redevelopment and creation of one residential dwelling.

Sacred Heart Convent 61 Station Road Rearsby Leicestershire LE7 4YY

Mon, 11 May 2020

Alterations and change of use of domestic garage to facilitate online pharmacy business. Mixed use class C3 (Residential) and B8 (Storage & Distribution).

69 Sandford Road Syston LE7 2JZ

Tue, 26 May 2020

Erection of single storey front, side and rear extensions.

7 Chestnut Close Syston LE7 2PU

Thu, 02 May 2019

Erection of detached dwelling.

Land between 17 and 25 Turn Street Syston LE7 1GD

Wed, 22 Jul 2020

Erection of single storey side and rear extension and installation of roof dormer to rear of dwelling.

15 Goodes Avenue Syston LE7 2JH

Wed, 15 Jul 2020

Single storey rear extension together with internal alterations to the restaurant dining area.

1124 Melton Road Syston LE7 2HA

Mon, 22 Jun 2020

x5 European Limes - Pollard at, or very close to, original pollard points.

39 Broad Street Syston Leicestershire LE7 1GH

Fri, 10 Jul 2020

Erection of cafe (Use Class A3) & ancillary gazebo with associated infrastructure, landscaping works and creation of a new vehicular access.

Land at Fosse Way Syston Leicestershire LE7 1NH