Community Action

Sean BAKER of 1A Barkby Road Syston is currently co-ordinating a food bank for the vulnerable and elderly as well as a toy exchange for families who could benefit from this support.

If you are or know someone that could benefit from this service Sean can be contacted on (07538416577). Sean has also asked for donations of toys.

Hub Café on High Street Syston is also handing out foodbank boxes every Thursday afternoon from 2pm to 3.30pm.

Crime Prevention

With the amount of stores that are currently closed to to the coronavirus outbreak, the local criminals are currently unable to source their drug addictions. Therefore the Police believe that it is highly likely they will try to find other ways to fund their habit, such as thefts from motor vehicles or burglaries from peoples properties.

The Police are asking that people are extra vigilant; making sure that car doors are locked and alarms activated and the same practice for your properties.

For more detailed information about crime prevention please click on the link below.